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​“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.” - Oscar Wilde


As many of you may know when I'm not doing dirty dirty things in the porn industry, I'm usually getting dirty caring for animals in need. Many of you have seen the adorable kitten pictures I've been posting for you all to oogle at. You've watched them grow from blind little grubs to fully functioning (almost) cats! The sad reality is, though my two fosters Stella and Twyla have been insured comfortable lives, for almost 70 million feral cats in the US, life at all is not guaranteed.

The Orphan Kitten Project is doing their best to help the most vulnerable victims of overpopulation, kittens. "Kitten season" as we like to call it has only just begun and already the Orphan Kitten Project has reached its maximum capacity of animals they can care for. The phone lines have been turned off and incoming babies are being directed to the local shelter where they will likely be euthanized. Young kittens need highly intensive, round the clock care until they are about 6 weeks of age. Formula, carriers, heating pads, bottles, bedding, vaccines, and basic medical care are all very costly and as of right now are all being provided for these little ones with the help of private donors. I have been contributing as much of my time and money to this project as I can but unfortunately it isn't enough. Now, I would like your help.

Tomorrow, an hour before my reguaraly scheduled cooking show I will bring out Stella and Twyla, who you have all come to know and love, and I will be accepting donations on their behalf. Any tips given during 4-5pm PST on SkinVideo will go directly from my paycheck to the Orphan Kitten Project. As if earning good karma isn't enough of an incentive, anyone who donates ANY ammount will receive a personal signed thank you from me. If you can't make it to the fundraiser hour, you can always send a check directly to the Orphan Kitten Project, just be sure to include an email address in the memo so I can contact you about send you a thank you. 

After 5pm the kittens will go back to their carrier and I will commence with the regularly scheduled kinky cooking show! 

The main website for the Orphan Kitten Project:

Also, be sure to check petfinder or your local shelter before you consider buying a cat or kitten from a breeder!

 Stella at 1 week

Twyla at 1 week