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Seduction Sunday at the Hustler Club!

Seduction Sunday

“ Penny Barber and Serena Blair for and Hustler”


Date & Time:in 6 days Sunday, March 24, 2013 ·11:00 PM – 1:00 AM  
Hustler Club
1031 Kearny St., San Francisco   @ map
Cost: $15 at the door, free if you RSVP
Description: top models PENNY BARBER and SERENA BLAIR will be performing an animal role play scene live on stage at the HUSTLER CLUB. Both women will be switching and scene elements will include Serena being trained as a human puppy and Penny's breasts will be caned and MILKED!

Penny and Serena will be available for fetish and BDSM play in between sets. Penny will be bringing age play and other fetish paraphernalia and both women are taking requests for toys to bring!

Event Page - RSVP before 9:00 pm to get in for free!

Penny Barber on
Serena Blair on


With a Little Help From My Friends

Many of you may remember when I left Ultimate Surrender over concerns for my personal safety. This year I am back and more confident due to the group of people that I am working with than before and here's why:

On Friday I participated in a live tag team match with my teammate Mistress Kara and my team Dragon coach Dragonlily. My opponents were Beretta James and Izamar Gutierrez fighting for team Nightmare and coached by Syd Blakovich. The match was sure to be an exciting one. With team Nightmare starting out in the lead towards the season end, Kara and I were determined to make up the points and score the victory for our team Dragon. Kara had beaten Izamar many times as had I beaten Beretta more than once on the same mats but anything could happen in a tag team so it was still anybody's game, and we were AMPED!

I'm not going to go into the details of this particular match or who won out of courtesy to those who didn't watch the live feed and don't want a spoiler but, I will elaborate on an incident from that night that many people have questions about. Approximately one minute into the second round of our match, Mistress Kara and I had a tag on Izamar. As soon as Kara left the ring, I attempted to establish a dominant position against Izamar. Almost instantly, Beretta was tagged in and before I knew it she was taking my back and pulling me down. The issue with this was that Izamar and my legs were still trapped together as my body was being yanked dangerously backwards. As soon as Beretta took my back I knew the danger I was in. I screamed and screamed but the momentum was already in motion and too fast to be stopped. That moment seemed like it lasted an eternity. I was just waiting for all the bones in my ankle to shatter as the weight of Izamar's body fell on top of me. It seemed like no one could hear me or stop what was happening and my fate was imminent. Ariel blew her whistle and miraculously I emerged from the mess physically unscathed however emotionally shaken. For those of you who play sports, you know how devastating and terrifying injuries can be. I got up dazed, ready to go on but my entire sense of safety had been shattered. I knew I had a job to do but I really just wanted to run off and cry. Whether I liked it or not, I had mentally 'checked out', I was no longer in the right mindset to fight and Ariel knew it. Both to my relief as well as my chagrin, I was pulled out from wrestling for the remainder of the match.   

Today I watched the clip of video recorded from the live feed and I was amazed at what I saw. The first thing that surprised me was how quickly it all happened. In my memory it seemed like it took at least a minute to get me out of there, in reality, it took about ten seconds. I actually had to re-watch the clip frame by frame to actually see what went down. What I also saw was that even though I felt totally helpless and alone in that moment, everyone was doing what they could to help. Syd’s experience and her proximity to the action allowed her to quickly recognize what was about to happen and let her team know what to do to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Ariel was right on top of blowing the whistle and stopping the clock while the camera panned away to allow me a moment to recover. I wish we had instant replays Friday night because if I had only been able to see everyone looking out for me in that critical time it would have restored my confidence. Regardless, my confidence IS restored and I am reaffirmed that I am safe in the hands of these amazing women and of this company. Shit happens and no one can stop it. The reality we face as fighters is that any time we step on the mat we put our lives, our bodies, and our careers at risk. We also consider the risks our opponents take. It is each person’s responsibility to be mindful of not only their own but everyone else’s safety and well being. I cannot emphasize enough how priceless it is that we have experienced coaches such as Dragonlily and Syd as well as a ref/director who has been in our shoes.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. Will I be injured? Maybe but, that’s the nature of the game. What I do know is that the amazing women I work are here for me win or lose and even though we are fighting for victory, we are fighting even harder for a fun and safe outcome.


Yohji Yamamoto recently said that "fashion is like shit." Women's Wear Daily asked him to explain that comment:

"Let me talk like an old man. Young people, be careful. Beautiful things are disappearing every day. Be careful.…You don't need to be [shopping at fast-fashion stores], especially young people. They are beautiful naturally, because they are young. So they should even wear simple jeans and a T-shirt. It's enough. Don't be too much fashionable.…The brand advertising is making you crazy. You don't need to be too sexy. You are sexy enough."


Saturday's workout challenge!

This Saturday, Michael and I invite you to try something new for our regular show on Skin Video. This week we challenge you to do the workout at home along with me! Think you can keep up?
The schedule is as follows:

5:00-5:30 pm starts the general chatting and socializing (hopefully drinking too)

5:00-6:00pm head into group chat to begin the workout challenge which will include
- 100 lunges
- 100 medicine ball squats
- super set with 100 hip escapes, bridges, and 50 triangles
- 50 dead lifts
- super set with 50 plyo jumps
- 50 kettle bell snatches
- 50 medicine ball slams

6:00-7:00pm back into public to finish up, cool down, chat, and drinks

Can't wait to see you all there! We are anxious to learn how you all like this new program. See you at the gym!

Need your help guys! Discuss:

Alright people, I need your help. I've been planning on building a raised garden bed out of recycled shipping pallets but recently I've been warned agianst them... what do you all know and think about the safety of shipping pallets?

I also have this article as a reference but it doesn't have me convinced one way or the other, the comments are mixed:

“There is safety in reserve, but no attraction. One cannot love a reserved person.” ― Jane Austen

Yesterday was wonderful. There were very sad moments but it finally hit me that he's really gone and now I can start to heal. My eulogy was the hardest speech I've ever had to give. I know it was hard for many people to hear as most of the other speakers gave funny annecdotes but Joe was someone who tried to teach me to really feel my emotions and so in a way I hope I showed him what I leaned. He would tell me not to hide from the pain, feeling means that you're alive and that's a great thing to be. Following the ceremony there was dinner at his parents house at which I did the best friendly duty of sitting at the foot of the stairs guarding his room like a bulldog so no one would snoop around. Later, we all went blues dancing and that really lifted my spirits. I tried to bring back to the venue what was lost when Joe left us, a little bit of silly, some sexy, and a lot of sweat. The place was packed with all the best dancers in the area and we had a blast. I will miss my friend dearly and curse the people who robbed the world of him too soon but at least he was here and at least he was my friend. I'm better for loving and for losing.  

Thank you to everyone of my followers for being so supportive and understanding during this very difficult time for me (especially during random emo moments on live cam shows!). It has meant the world to me to hear all of your kind words.  

Here is a video of a friend and myself blues dancing after Joe's memorial... bringing the sexy. 

Be responsible, be compassionate, pets are for life.

Karma and Eris have both been making great strides in their training in the two short years that I've had them, Karma with her aggression and Eris with her hyperactivity. Recently, a new dog moved into our complex who seems to have little training and serious dominance issues, every time I go by him with one of the dogs he gives threatening stares and even sometimes barks at us which the owner consistently fails to correct. This dog has really been testing Karma's self control. Yesterday, I took both dogs out for a walk not realizing that the aggressive dog was with his owner at the dumpster which is located at the base of our stairs. I didn't see them until it was too late. The dog of course was on a very loose leash and was allowed to glare and lunge towards us. This sent Karma into complete hysterics, she was redirecting at everything including myself and Eris which then sent Eris into defense mode and a full fight broke out between the two of them. It was all I could do to try to keep them separate so they wouldn't kill each other bu there was no way I could them far enough apart for them to stop. It also didn't help that this idiot girl and her dog just stood there watching us like it was a damn show. I yelled at her to please take her dog and leave because it was making things worse and she just yelled at me defensively that she "didn't do anything!" (stupid bitch). Finally some neighbors came out to help pull the dogs apart and then it was my turn to go into hysterics, puking and crying and everything! Lol. Thankfully, neither dog was badly injured, just bruised, but I having been in the middle of it and refusing to let them go ahead and kill each other, received several bites and scratches. We are all recovering today but now I have the difficult task of reevaluating how I will continue to care for them, with their safety and my own in mind. Since I will be moving to a house by myself (so that they can have a yard to exercise in) I worry that if something similar happened again, if I would be able to stop break it up quickly. It is my hope that the yard will help release extra pent up energy while keeping them safely away from other dogs that might trigger Karma's agression, but this may or may not be a solution. It is likely that they will have to be separated for their own benefit so that Eris can't be harmed and so that Karma can get the intense training and supervision she likely needs, though I hope with all my heart that I don't have to give either of them up as I love them dearly. I am making an appointment with another behavior specialist asap to have her evaluated and receive more direction on how to help both my girls. Please wish us luck and strength on my part as this is going to be a very difficult decision making time ahead. 

Please, if you are a new pet owner, do your research. Don't be like my neighbor who doesn't understand shit about dog behavior. I knew what I was getting into by adopting rescued dogs with no previous knowledge of their background or temparaments. Talk to a vet, talk to your friends, watch animal planet, read some articles, hell if you have any animal questions at all feel free to ask me via email or in a cam show. There are so many well meaning but misinformed owners out there and it can often mean the demise of another animal or person. Don't kid yourself either that your dog is better behaved than you think or that you can handle everything they throw at you all the time (as I did). I am still learning to this day and accept this responsibility to continue to learn for the lifetime of my animals. Not everyone can be a pet owner, but anyone can do the right thing. Be responsible, be compassionate, pets are for life. 

Be responsible, be compassionate, pets are for life.
Be responsible, be compassionate, pets are for life.


As many of you may know when I'm not doing dirty dirty things in the porn industry, I'm usually getting dirty caring for animals in need. Many of you have seen the adorable kitten pictures I've been posting for you all to oogle at. You've watched them grow from blind little grubs to fully functioning (almost) cats! The sad reality is, though my two fosters Stella and Twyla have been insured comfortable lives, for almost 70 million feral cats in the US, life at all is not guaranteed.

The Orphan Kitten Project is doing their best to help the most vulnerable victims of overpopulation, kittens. "Kitten season" as we like to call it has only just begun and already the Orphan Kitten Project has reached its maximum capacity of animals they can care for. The phone lines have been turned off and incoming babies are being directed to the local shelter where they will likely be euthanized. Young kittens need highly intensive, round the clock care until they are about 6 weeks of age. Formula, carriers, heating pads, bottles, bedding, vaccines, and basic medical care are all very costly and as of right now are all being provided for these little ones with the help of private donors. I have been contributing as much of my time and money to this project as I can but unfortunately it isn't enough. Now, I would like your help.

Tomorrow, an hour before my reguaraly scheduled cooking show I will bring out Stella and Twyla, who you have all come to know and love, and I will be accepting donations on their behalf. Any tips given during 4-5pm PST on SkinVideo will go directly from my paycheck to the Orphan Kitten Project. As if earning good karma isn't enough of an incentive, anyone who donates ANY ammount will receive a personal signed thank you from me. If you can't make it to the fundraiser hour, you can always send a check directly to the Orphan Kitten Project, just be sure to include an email address in the memo so I can contact you about send you a thank you. 

After 5pm the kittens will go back to their carrier and I will commence with the regularly scheduled kinky cooking show! 

The main website for the Orphan Kitten Project:

Also, be sure to check petfinder or your local shelter before you consider buying a cat or kitten from a breeder!

 Stella at 1 week

Twyla at 1 week 

Sexy Saturday Serena Sweat

Many of you have come to knowand enjoy the fun time that is my sexy saturday workouts on Skin Video. I want to share with you some still photos form past shows. I hope you enjoy these and that you will keep cumming to my shows. If you have any questions or comments, ideas or suggestions, they can be directed either to me (@sexyserenab) or my trainer (@michaelbornexxx). There are many more of these photos sets as well which can be purhased for $1 per photo paid either by Dwolla, Amazon gift card, or SkinVideo tip. Happy fapping!  

Panties for you!

Here are some photos of the panties I have available for sale. At your request I will wear them for a full 24 hours leaving my lady scents all over them. I can wear them for you during a cam show or a custom clip as well (cost of clip/cam show is separate). The price is $25 in the form of an Amazon gift card, a direct dwolla payment, or a 250 token tip on SkinVideo. If you would like a custom photo set of me wearing the panties, the price is $40, for 15 high quality photos with the theme of your choice. There are also "bargain bin" sets available for $10 (not available with photo sets) these are panties that are not brand new, they may have holes, stains, or other signs of wear. If you would like a particular pair that you want to send to me at the armory, I wikk be more than happy to wear those for you.

A very special cam show!

To all of my cam folloers: Today's regularly scheduled show is going to be extra special! Today I will be on with the uber sexy @krystakaos and @tomiknox. Don't miss out on us doing dirty things to eachother and taking some of your dirty requests too! Squirting, fisting, sucking, fucking, BDSM, fetish, and more. 2000 tokens starts the show only on @skinvideo. Send offline tips here:

A very special cam show!
A very special cam show!
A very special cam show!

Cam Show Schedule for January

Here's my sechedule for this month, mark your calendars! 






5pm-7pm (casual chat time, hanging out getting naked with my fans) 






5pm-7pm (fitness/workout theme at the gym!) **Coming soon!**


By special request - If you would like to “make a date with Serena” drop me an email. ;)


KinkLive shows for the month of January: 



1pm-4pm & 7pm-10pm 





**The first, test run, of my work out shows will air Saturday the 14th. I encourage everyone to come and throw out ideas for what you would like to see in future shows since we will still be working out "the kinks". Anyone who gives CONSTRUCTIVE critism or positive suggestions that I use for the next show will be rewarded durning the following week's show (premier show only).


*** Please Bookmark this link, it is to the thread on the Kink for my ever popular card game. Please read over the rules so we can spend more time playing and less time explaining during the show. Also feel free to voice your opinions and give feedback here, it's an open dialogue!