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​“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.” - Oscar Wilde

Remembering the Little People

At the start of a new year it is a natural time to reflect upon the direction we are headed and the path which has lead us to now. I’ve come a long way in 6 years, and it’s mostly been an uphill battle. Early on, I found success as a cam girl and fetish model, but I always wanted more. In 2013 I turned my sights towards performing in “mainstream porn”.  At first, I was rejected by multiple companies and agents who believed I didn’t have the look to be a profitable GG model. Slowly though, I found more work and made more connections. There are still more studios and directors I would like to work with but, I am fairly pleased with were my career is at today. Most notably, I am especially proud of the fact that this is the first year that I am nominated for awards. This is something I have wanted since I started shooting scenes in LA, not necessarily to win awards, but to be recognized as an equal to my costars who often felt to me as having some more legitimacy than I did without an agent. And so, being nominated for Live Cam Model of the year for XBiz, Best All-girl group sex scenes for AVN, and most proudly, Girlsway Girl of the Year, I am content to be where I am now. 

There have been a lot of people to help me along the way, from the scene partners who became friends, directors who have re-booked me, makeup artists who helped me look my best, to every one of my fans who has in some way supported my work. I always say, I may not have the most fans, but mine are the most exuberant and loyal anyone could ask for. Some, have even followed me from day 1 on KinkLive. One in particular has stood out above all the rest. Mark (aka Bound2Feet), my "Sugar Bear", my biggest fan and still my dear friend has believed in me when I didn’t, pushed me to be a better businessperson, and even rescued me from a few dire situations. He’s the reason I’ve gotten a pedicure roughly every 2 weeks, the provider of my new saddle, all of my cam room toys (including multiple replacements) and every Agent Provocateur outfit I own! So although I appreciate all of you, I have Mark to thank the most for supporting me all the way to a pretty happy place. 

RECIPE: Jalapeño Mac n' Cheese

To me, Mac n’ Cheese is the ultimate comfort food, it never fails to satisfy. Which is weird that I say this now as I HATED the dish as a kid… go figure, tastes change. I love it mixed with tuna, veggies, or even potato chips, from the blue box or from scratch, I love mac n’ cheese. Since the weather is getting colder and my cravings for this hot melty goodness have increased, I discovered this recipe that really makes me feel warm and fuzzy. 


    •    2 cups dry small pasta (I used bowtie)

    •    1 and 1/2 cups broccoli florets

    •    3 tablespoons butter

    •    1/4 cup all-purpose flour

    •    2 and 1/2 cups milk 

    •    1/2 teaspoon salt

    •    1/2 teaspoon pepper

    •    2 cups shredded cheese, equivalent to 8 ounces (I used sharp          Cheddar)

    •    1 jalapeno, diced


    1    Boil the pasta until al dente, according the directions on the box.

    2    When there is 30 seconds to a minute left on the cooking time, add the broccoli to the boiling water.

    3    When the pasta is finished and the broccoli is bright green, drain and rinse with cold water and set it aside.

    4    In the same pot or a large sauté pan or skillet, melt the butter over medium heat.

    5    Add the flour and stir constantly for about three minutes, until completely smooth and incorporated.

    6    Pour in 1 cup of the milk in a thin stream while whisking into a thick paste.

    7    Add the remaining 1 and 1/2 cups of milk and whisk until it’s smooth.  Keep on medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about 10 minutes, until the sauce thickens.

    8    Remove from the heat and add the salt and pepper, diced jalapeños, and cheese.   Stir until the cheese is melted.

    9    Add the drained pasta and broccoli and gently mix.

Things I Love About Grrls

What can I say about grrls? They’re fucking insane and I love them for it. Even when I can’t stand to be around then, I often still can’t control my desire to strip them naked and rub all over them. I love fucking girls. Boys are dumb, throw rocks at them.

  1. Grrls smell good: Hands down, at any given time, women smell a hundred times better to me than men, and I’ve been known to get sweaty with some pretty dirty grrls *wink*. I love when I come up for air after devouring a delicious pussy and can still smell her juices all over my face. There’s nothing better.
  2. Grrls taste yummy: Slimy yet, satisfying! Taste and smell go hand in hand so naturally, just the smell of a fresh pussy is enough to make my mouth water. I just can’t wait to get a taste. Slurp!
  3. Grrls are soft: Even the really buff grrls still have a softness to them, if not just in their bodies but in their movements. Whether its, kissing, snuggling, wrestling, or fucking its fun mashing our squishy body parts together.
  4. Grrls have lips: Yes, men have lips too but, grrls have EXTRA lips! I’m such sucker for kissing I love all the lips that grrls have for me to kiss on. Wet lips are always better than dry lips, ALWAYS.
  5. Grrls are better kissers: I said it, this is the final word on the subject. Grrls are just better.