Your very own pocket pornstar...

​“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.” - Oscar Wilde


How tall are you?
Short ok, I’m fucking short… 5’0”

What is your favorite part of a girl?
OMFG everything and I want it all over me!

Did you get your stage name from the show ‘Gossip Girl’?
In short, no. I picked the last name Blair, first, don’t know why, just always liked the name. After that, I decided I wanted an ‘S’ name and after many tries, Serena is what I ended up with. I had heard of the show but, never knew the two main characters were named Serena and Blair until one of my cam fans explained it to me.

Are your boobs real? 
Yes, I grew them myself, thankyouverymuch

How did you get into porn?
Initially, I was broke as fuck. I had been cut off from parental financial support of my horse, Star and I was determined to do anything to keep her. After considering many unsavory options for making money, I took my shy, book nerd self, to The rest is history as they say, I quickly lost my inhibitions and learned to embrace my sexuality. It seems hard to believe how reticent I was to get into this biz, compared to how shamelessly gregarious I am in front of a camera now. It’s an odd thing to say but, with all the ups and downs of the porn world, I love it and it changed my life for the better.

What do you like to do when you aren’t fucking?
I have a passion for animals and most of my free time revolves around animals and nature. I ride my horse as often as I can and often my dog, Eris, will run with us. The cats don’t run much, but I love them anyway. On Monday mornings I volunteer at a raptor rescue and rehabilitation center. Other nerdy activities include, gardening, reading,,and watching nature documentaries.

What’s a raptor? You work with dinosaurs??? 
Let me google this for you… A raptor is a collective term for birds of prey, including: owls, eagles, hawks, falcons, and vultures to name a few.

Are you a Dom or a sub?
Let’s get one thing straight, whatever role I’m in, I’m ALWAYS THE PRINCESS. I’m really more of a switch though, I sort of just play off the other person and I like a lot of back and forth.

Do you like to get spanked?
YES PLEASE!! (But ask me first because I don’t like to be startled and because manners.)

How can I have a private cam show with you? How can I buy a custom clip? How can I be in the possession of one of your precious undies?
JUST ASK! Seriously, just go to my store page.

hmmm… Let’s ask Consuela.   “NO.”