Your very own pocket pornstar...

​“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.” - Oscar Wilde


Destined to be a life-long academic, my life drastically changed the day I walked into the San Fransisco Armory, the home of As a last resort, I took my pale ass in there and posed for my first nude photos. Trembling, I spread my pussy for the world to see for the very first time, or at least for the Kink Talent department. I was introduced to Kink’s new live cam site. Back when camming for them from home was not an option, I spent most of my weekends at the armory and this is where I learned most about myself and my career. I am forever grateful to the people there, the cam girls, the PAs, and even the cam viewers who helped me at this early stage because, frankly, I didn’t have a clue. It didn’t take long, however, before I grew into my sexuality and was quickly one of the most sought after cam girls at KinkLive.

As a G/G only model, it hasn’t been easy, but, it makes me even more grateful for every scene that I get to be a part of as each one is a major milestone for me. Now I am at a new major milestone, creating this blog. I hope you are as ecstatic about it as I am.

— Serena